July 19, 2020

Introducing THE MOON

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The Moon is a feature-length presentation via the Inner Cinema, which will commence on 13 September.

Written between 2016 and 2018 (and still undergoing extensive revisions), this project is a “screenplay for a film that will never be made”, or else it’s just a boring old novel written in screenplay format and released serially, the way they used to do in days of old.

I’d like to tell you about the plot, I really would, but probably I shouldn’t. What I’ll tell you instead is that it combines the aesthetics of a mystery story, a bizzaro horror movie and maybe one of those cutesy indie comedies we used to get back in the 1990s. So like, Reality Bites crossed with INLAND EMPIRE maybe, without actually being much like either of those.

Anyway it is about dating and poetry and sinister, arcane forces and I just know you’re gonna love it.

The first draft has been tested and approved by a select audience of, well, some friends. They seemed to get into it, you know, I asked them for testimonials but they sent back a bunch of dumb jokes and “funny” pseudonyms
(thanks guys).

New episodes will come out semi-regularly, like one every 5-7 days. The episodes will be in PDF format, just click the button to access them – which is annoying, I know. I mean, I wanted to actually embed them in the blog posts but it would have cost me a fortune in WordPress upgrades so this is what you get.

Once the first few episodes are up I’ll start adding cool new features, like an episode navigation pane and maybe even a soundtrack. So, there you have it. Hurray! See you next week for the premiere, and remember to hit Subscribe if you wanna jump on board this weird old train of ours.


Hi and welcome to the site. I thought I’d give you a quick tour and tell you the basic deal.

So, tour first – um, OK well there’s nothing really here. There’s a landing page (which I guess you’ve seen) with a cool picture of trains, and then there’s this blog feed. This is the first “blog entry”.

That was easy! More stuff will be added later, for instance I really should figure out how to put in social media buttons for shares, etc. Baby steps.

What the deal is requires a little more explanation. Because this is not actually a blog, not really, or at least not primarily. This is more like a venue for presenting stories – my own stuff and (hopefully, eventually) the work of others.

The first show we’re going to run here will be a serial-format story, a huge great thing I’ve been working on for the past three years. This piece is written as a screenplay (weird, I know); it’s like a movie to play through in your head, and so voila, welcome to “The Inner Cinema”.

After that, who knows? I have some other ideas germinating. If anyone is still reading when this first story is done, I’ll be happy to discuss your suggestions.

You can subscribe to the site by clicking on the button on the home page. That way you’ll get notifications when new episodes come out.

Oh and this is a free site, so I won’t monetise it or put dicky ads up everywhere (although I’m on the cheapo plan so WordPress might put the occasional ad up themselves). There will be no spam, no mailing list, no pressure. I am not doing bad stuff to your data. It’s just free!

If you like the content, let me know, or let your friends know, or just smile to yourself in a quiet and enigmatic way.


Cinema Management

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