On July 19, 2020

THE MOON: Before the Show

There is MUSIC playing out here (see above) …which is nice.

But the lobby is deserted. You had assumed there would be people – a couple other patrons maybe, or at least someone selling snacks.

This absence of other people makes you nervous. Like: why are YOU here, and no-one else? What’s keeping everyone away? Does this mean the show is gonna suck?

Also: you’d heard this was a new cinema, but Jesus look at this carpet. It’s ugly, it’s ripped and it’s sticky. Bits of gum have been trampled into it, sure, but there’s an “all over stickiness” beyond that which suggests… I don’t know what it suggests. Something less wholesome.

You glance at the posters – there are posters up here. Of course there are, it’s a cinema lobby.

On the right, with a label that reads “NOW SHOWING”, you’ve got:

The moon tarot card

XVIII? No-one told you it was going to be a sequel.

I guess that’s the show. Well, hope it doesn’t suck. On the left, in a frame labelled “COMING SOON?” you’ve got:

girl seeing atom bomb

Heh. Cute.

For like the millionth time you eye up the entrance to the cinema itself, and consider going in to take your seat.

But just look at it – instead of a door it’s a bloody tent flap, stitched with stars and moons and suns like some leftover from a kids’ magic show.

And what would you do if someone else is already waiting in there – but like just them, just one weirdo and no-one else?

Nah. No way. Until someone else shows up, you’re waiting out here.

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